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Billing Terms


Umbra supports both self-service customers and Enterprise customers. Each category of customer adheres to a particular set of billing practices and terms.
In the future, we anticipate that the vast majority of Umbra customers will be self-service accounts. The main difference between self-service accounts and Enterprise accounts is how contracting occurs. 

Enterprise accounts make a pre-negotiated commitment to a certain volume of purchased data in exchange for payment terms and invoicing practices that match their procurement process. 

Self-service customers are able to pay as they go and enjoy more flexibility.

Self-Service Billing

Self-service customers have two ways to purchase imagery. You can mix and match both:


When buying SAR data in a Snapshot transaction, you simply purchase a single collection on an ad hoc basis. As soon as you check out, we put a hold on your credit card or ACH account for the full amount of the purchase. When the data is delivered--meaning it's been processed and made available to you via AWS S3--we charge the card or ACH account.

When buying a subscription, we automatically schedule recurring collections for you on a cadence that you define (e.g. 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month). Subscriptions are billed/invoiced once a month on a metered basis according to the number of collections that were delivered to you in the prior period. For self-service accounts, that charge is made instantly to your credit card or ACH. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time--you'll be able to manage them directly without the need to email or call us to stop a recurring collection.

Enterprise Billing

Enterprise billing practices are designed to support large institutional customers, including government customers. Contracts are negotiated and agreed to on a customer-by-customer basis and a pre-commitment to purchase a certain volume of data is made by the customer.
Users within that organization will share a common account "credit," which they draw down from every time they purchase data (the credit amount is equal to the pre-negotiated purchase commitment).
For Enterprise customers, invoices are generated on a monthly basis and payment terms are extended on a net-30 basis from the time of invoicing.