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Future Imaging Modes

Umbra is developing more imaging modes to fit a variety of use cases. These include:

Stripmap Mode
Stripmap Mode is ideal for monitoring larger areas than Spotlight mode (with a footprint that can reach hundreds of square kilometers) while maintaining a relatively high resolution of 1-2m.

Extended Dwell Mode ("Video Mode")
Umbra's uniquely agile system can support extremely long, focused measurements due to its ability to "squint" forwards and backwards--in Extended Dwell Mode, data can be used to generate videos or derive elevation data.

Mosaic Mode
Mosaic Mode allows users to gather high resolution spotlight data over many adjacent areas of interest and "mosaic" or stitch together the result as one large contiguous area. This preserves the extremely high spatial resolution of Spotlight mode while accommodating larger coverage areas.

Open Ocean Scanning Mode
This mode allows Umbra's satellites to capture extremely large areas in low resolution (1m x 10m). This mode is ideal for monitoring seafaring vessels and detecting sea-ice and icebergs in the open ocean.