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Umbra believes in simple, straightforward pricing.

We want our customers to know what you're buying and how much it costs. For this reason, we post our pricing publicly on our website and also locate it here for easy reference.

Our pricing is per collect. So, the pricing below reflects the cost of one individual collection of your AOI. Should you want to do two collects of your AOI, you would simply multiply the cost of your chosen product by two, and so on and so forth for additional collects.

Currently, we only offer spotlight tasking mode. The pricing below is for variations of spotlight across different resolutions and different # of looks.

Single-Looked Products

  • 1m single looked - $500 per collect

  • 0.5m single looked - $750 per collect

  • 0.35m single looked - $1,350 per collect

  • 0.25m single looked - $3,000 per collect

Multi-Looked Products

  • 1m 2x multi looked - $600 per collect

  • 1m 4x multi looked - $850 per collect

  • 0.5m 2x multi looked - $1,350 per collect

Optional Customizations

  • Include phase history (CPHD) in order (+35% per collect)

Every collect includes a GeoTIFF, SICD, and metadata JSON as part of the base price per collect.