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In Spotlight mode, the spacecraft is slewed in the azimuth direction for a length of time dictated by the desired ground plane resolution. 

The longer the target dwell time, the larger the synthetic aperture becomes. Therefore, longer dwell times result in better spatial resolution.

We anticipate operation in this imaging mode to generally fall between 0.25m and 2m. Standard scene sizes is approximately 4x4km² with mosaic options to generate a scene size approximately 12x12km² in a single pass.

Lower resolutions are possible to accommodate and may allow for greater standard scene sizes. 

  • Standard Scene Size | >4x4km²
  • Integration Time | ~1-10s
  • Ground Range | 170 - 1100 km (either side)
  • Squint Angle 45º - 135º
  • Ground Plane Resolution | 0.25-2m
  • Polarization HH or VV (selectable)