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Understanding Umbra's Terms of Use

Umbra's Terms of Use are posted publicly on our website, and you can (and should) read them in full here.

The most important concept outlined in our Terms of Use is that when you purchase SAR data from Umbra, you aren't directly purchasing the data. Instead, you are purchasing a license to the data. In nearly every case, that license will be a CC BY 4.0 license, which is explained in plain language elsewhere in the help center here

If you work at a U.S. government entity, we offer separate terms and conditions tailored to your needs. For a copy of those terms and conditions, please contact us using this form

The second important concept to understand is that any terms outlined in our Terms of Use supersede those defined by the CC BY 4.0 that accompany them. Some of those additional clauses include things like:
  • You must adhere to all US law, including prohibitions on export of data to sanctioned entities 
  • You can't hack into our systems or mirror them without our consent
  • You can't lie about who you are when ordering data from us